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Brand: XRF Premium®

1939 Oldsmobile G-39 L6-3.8L GAS Naturally Aspirated - Steering Tie Rod End Adjusting Sleeve XRF Premium® ES2004S

Category: Steering
MPN: ES2004S

NOTES:- XRF Chassis: XRF Platinum; Pkg Qty: 1; Manufacturer Part Number: ES2004S; Category: Steering; SubCategory: Hardware, Fasteners and Fittings | ATTRIBUTES:- ; Fitment Note: Qty. Req.: 2 | SPECS:- (French) Product Description: Manchon de r?glage d?extr?mit? de tige de cravate; (Spanish) Product Description: Manguito de ajuste del extremo de la barra de acoplamiento; Height (IN): 5.3; Length (IN): 3.2; Return Label: Prepaid (Contiguous 48 States); Return Policy: Hassle Free 60 Day New Item Return Policy; Warranty Policy: Manufacturer Replacement Warranty; Weight (LBS): 0.72; Width (IN): 1.8

$63.30 $22.00